The International Sports Medicine Fellows Conference is a unique opportunity for fellows to learn the latest advancements in articular cartilage treatment, restoration and repair while participating in the largest gathering of 2021-2022 orthopaedic sports medicine fellows.

Program Content

  • Scientific Presentations On Demand (February 12-April 28)
  • Case-Based Presentations On Demand (February 12-April 28) & Live on April 2
  • Surgical Demonstrations On Demand (February 12-April 28)

Why Attend the 2022 ISMF Conference

  • Case-Based Interactive Approach
  • Opportunity to interact with world renowned faculty
  • Comprehensive approach to Cartilage Repair
  • Reduced Registration Fees (All fees waived!!)

Cadaver Demonstrations

The cadaver demonstrations will be On Demand and will include techniques in cartilage restoration and repair, orthobiologics, and osteochondral autografts and allografts.